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Credit reporting

Consider how important your credit bureau reports are to your everyday life, and on that basis, give them an appropriate level of priority. Ask us how to obtain your credit report.
Receive a summons?

You might respond in a number of ways, but the one thing you should not do is ignore a summons without seeking some form of legal advice from an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction.
Develop a retained relationship with a lawyer

You wouldn't move to a new town without finding a doctor, dentist, pharmacy and shoe shop. Many people fail to develop a relationship with a lawyer until their need for legal assistance is urgent. Consider developing a relationship with an attorney before you have a dire need.
Civil litigation
Mediation services
Wrongful death
Personal injury litigation
Automobile accident litigation
Product liability
Insurance litigation
Premises liability
Pro ami settlements
Criminal defense
Real estate litigation
Collection defense
Fraud and Bad Faith

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Consider whether you would be best served with service from local or regional counsel, or with associated local counsel, and whether our firm fits your needs.